So Long Alaska, Hello New Jersey

Old House

Today I closed the door both literally and figuratively to a huge chapter in my life.  I am both excited about the new adventures in store for us, as well as sad to be leaving the familiarity of a place I have called home for so long. For the past 7 years I have lived in a place where I was born and raised, where I went to  elementary school, junior high and high school, where i learned to ride a bike and how to ski, as well as how to play every other sport, where I returned to after college and law school, where I had my first professional job, where i learned the importance of community and giving back, where we scattered my dad’s ashes, where we bought our first house, where my little one should have been born but was at least raised, even though at 2 he will likely have no memory of it now, where i learned to be a wife and a mother and where I have made and had so many amazing friends and wonderful memories.

Front door

We have wanted this change for a while now, but as I shut the door to our home for the last time and boarded the plane, it was hard to believe so much was really coming to an end.  I know the friendships will continue and people will visit us wherever we end up, but in my heart I know it will probably be a very long time before I see those mountains of my childhood again.  There is no where quite like the Last Frontier, and I was lucky enough to call it home for the majority of my life.  Now as we start the next chapter of our life on the East Coast, I know that despite the finality I felt when I shut that door, taking one last look at all the empty rooms, that all the wonderful parts of Alaska and my life there will continue on with me and I will always hold them in my heart even if I am far away.


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