New Beginnings

Today was a day of new beginnings and our first as New Jersey residents. Little S kept us up a good chunk of the night due to his jet lag and being off his normal schedule, so while he and I slept in, Big D took a dry run to NYC on the train to make sure he knew where to go and how to get to his new job on Monday morning. It is hard to believe how fast this is all happening and I feel like it hasn’t really sunken in. The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind, I feel like I haven’t really had a chance to breath, much less process.  But like it or not here we are! After Big D returned we went to the post office to check our new post office box and a bunch of packages we had sent earlier in the week had already arrived so that was exciting. Then we decided to pop by the real estate office to see if we could get the keys to our new apartment.

Apt outside

One of the guys walked us over and I had to admit a sign of relief. It looked a lot better in the light of day and after being cleaned up a bit then it had a few weeks earlier.  When I first looked at it — it looked like this…

Apt Apt- Living room before Apt kitchen before Apt bedroom before Apt- 2nd bedroom before

Big D was actually quite impressed as he had not even seen it when I toured it and we decided we had to take it due to it being the perfect location, across from the train station and on Main Street, furnished and in our price range. As I try to keep reminding myself — it’s only short term and I think I can make it livable for our family… for the short term.

We had lunch at a cute little Lebanese luncheonette we discovered before heading to the local library to check it out and get our library cards. I am really excited about this library — I felt right at home from the moment I walked in which is funny because that’s how I feel in the small town library near our place on Cape Cod, but never really felt in Anchorage. They have lots of kid programming and the librarian told us about a “Newcomers Club” in town where they have social gatherings etc. to help people get acquainted. All in all I think I am starting to get excited about settling into a life here. Now we just need to get our new apartment livable…


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