Job #1 – Tackle the Kitchen

Today we got going a little later as Big D and Little S slept in a bit. Once everyone was up, and of course after a daily dose of Dunkin’ Donuts, we headed off to Costco to do some shopping. I am a big fan of buying in bulk and making up freezer meals for the coming weeks so I don’t have to do too much planning on the day of. My one major limitation is the fact the refrigerator in this apartment is like pint-sized compared to the one I used to have! As Big D has implied this might be good for me as I have a tendency to want to stock up like an earthquake may hit any minute! While emergency preparedness is no laughing matter, I probably could dial it back a notch. I am going to have to get used to this new Costco as it is still a bit different from the one I am used to but it was interesting to see some of the different products they carried compared to AK. It was all a bit hectic and I think I just went into autopilot and started grabbing the normal things as Little S has very little patience with shopping or outings of any kind after all the upheaval and I cannot say I blame him. Anyways, we survived unscathed and a few hundred dollars lighter, but somehow that is par for the course at Costco for us! Now at least I have a few essentials so on Monday I can make up a freezer full of yummy dinners. And I made a good dent in the kitchen clean-up so it was ready to house all the new food!

Kitchen - after

We ended the day with E and her family as we decided to spend one more night with them, having barely scratched the surface on the apartment cleaning. Another long, full, eventful day.


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