A Surprise Purchase

Today we ran a ton of errands as E let us borrow her car in the morning while she worked. What a whirlwind! We hit up a ton of stores so we could make sure we had the essentials to get the apartment organized during the week since we will basically be without a car until next Tuesday. Tried to do a little unpacking and organizing, but was feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. E came over for a bit and could tell I was losing it so just started putting stuff away to try to get some of the stuff out of view!

Felt good with all that we accomplished and as a reward we decided to look at a few open houses. Found one house that was really perfect, although a little close to some power lines and a little far from the train for convenient walking for Dimitri. There is not much we can do until our house in Alaska sells so for the time being we are just trying to gauge the market and get a feel for the area. Once our car gets here we will expand our searching to the Connecticut and New York areas, but I have a feeling we will end up finding something nearby.

The most random and exciting part of the day is I bought a piano! I have been wanting to get one for a while, both so that I could start practicing again and also so Little S could start learning when he gets a little older. Big D has also been on board, but it seemed silly and expensive while we were in Alaska. Sometimes things just happen though and we saw a little estate sale and wandered in and there she was!


It’s an old Wurlitzer but it is in terrific shape and the owners were motivated to sell. They had it priced at $500 but I got them down to $300 which is certainly a steal! I’m so excited, except that now I do not know what to do with it! I’m not sure that it will fit in the apartment and given that the building is old, E advised it probably would not hold up the weight. So I think our lovely little purchase will be going into storage until the right house comes along but I am over the moon excited. My Grama, who was a concert pianist in her day, and still plays beautifully, even said she might have to come visit and check it out! Funny how things happen!


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