Piano Hijinks and An Offer.

Today was a little rough. The awesome piano purchase turned into a nightmare as trying to coordinate it getting picked up and into a storage facility was not working. We decided moving it into the apartment was probably not the best option. So then, we thought we could store it with E’s stuff but with the short notice, no one was able to easily meet the piano people at the storage facility. Without my car yet or the ability to get around, I was feeling very helpless to try to get things organized so I even tried to get the seller to give me my deposit back, but as I figured, he refused. Eventually, my Grama came to the rescue and offered to pay to have it stored for us since we cannot move it into the apartment as I originally intended. What a relief. So finally we arranged to drop the rest of the payment off tonight and then tomorrow the piano movers will pick up the piano and keep it until we are ready for it.

The day got infinitely better by evening when we received a call from our realtor to let us know that there we had a full price offer on the house. WooHoo!! The only catch was that the buyer wanted us to cover all his closing costs, which were quite high. Big D and I were so happy given the fact the house had only been on the market since Saturday. I wasn’t totally surprised as I loved our house (I’m not biased at all!) and I knew someone else would fall in love with it as well, but getting an offer in less than 5 days was pretty awesome, especially given our financial situation in having to carry the mortgage payments and our new rent payments in New Jersey. We talked it over and figured out our bottom line (aka what we really needed to walk away with for the down payment on our next house) and decided on a possible counter. We really didn’t want to let the offer get away but we had to be careful not to jump on the first thing that came along just because it came along… So we will see what happens!


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