The Jersey Shore, Part I

Yep. I said it. We went. And no we did not see Snookie! Our friends E and J invited us to their parents’ place on Long Beach Island — Surf City, no less. Which cracks me up as it makes me think of the Beach Boys. And it was awesome. It is basically New Jersey’s version of Cape Cod – my favorite place on Earth. It was relaxing and fun, while we also did a handful of fun touristy things. It was the perfect opportunity for a little R&R after the crazy month we have had…. and of course, Big D had to whip out the camera at every occasion.

The first night we were there we checked out this sweet little amusement park called Fantasy Island where Little S had the BEST time.  We ate super delicious ice cream and rode some kiddie rides.  A perfect way to spend the holiday evening.


DSC_0145 DSC_0082 DSC_0069

The choo-choo train and the “BIG TRUCKS” were the favorites!  Little S is still not super keen on the rotating motion of the carousel so we enjoyed watching, but not riding it!


Such fun and what a great start to the weekend…. Happy Labor Day everyone!


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