Lovin’ My Wheels!

Today was a great day as my car finally arrived in New Jersey, giving us the freedom to get around outside of our little town! I wish I had taken pictures, but I think I was in shock. The huge trailer that the car was on pulled up to a bus stop on Main Street and started unloading right there. The guy said he would try to get close but I did not expect that! It was a little crazy. Especially since it happened right around 5:00! Then watching the guy move all the levers and ramps to get it in the right position and back it down off the truck was a little crazy too. I was glad it wasn’t my job! But man, it felt good to have my car back again. I’m already planning a trip to the grocery store for tomorrow since it is right off Main Street and I’m pretty sure I can find it. Now I just have to learn to navigate around New Jersey — I’m hoping I can avoid traveling on too many highways until I feel a little more secure… Thank God for GPS Navigation! 🙂


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