Not quite DIY…

We have been trying to make the apartment feel a little more comfortable while we try to find a house and also make Sam feel at home. So we decided despite the fact his crib actually converts to a toddler bed that we would just buy a new toddler bed for him to use while here. Then we can either move the toddler bed to one of the grandparents’ houses or repurpose the crib for a new baby… if one comes along in the future… So one of my projects while Big D has been at work was to put it together. I also bought some special new Thomas the Train sheets since that is Little S’s all time favorite and I thought it might make the adjustment a little easier. It was a little complicated as the directions were very non-specific, but I managed and it turned out great!


Sam's new bed

Sorry for the bright yellow wall creating the crappy photo quality, that happens to be the color of the room!  Although I guess it kind of matches… 🙂  My next project was a little bench to have by the door to store some of Sam’s stuff and also provide a place to sit and put on shoes or drop stuff as we come in.  I think it can be repurposed in the next house in some capacity so I figured it was worth the money. And I think it turned out very nicely.


New bench

Its amazing how much nicer things start to look with a few pops of color and some rugs.  This was definitely the short cut version since we do not have any of our tools or anything else with us at the moment, but it definitely started to get me excited about a lot of different projects I have in mind for our future home!


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