Home Goods and Fun DIY possibilities


So one of my favorite things to do these days to check out different things in stores and figure out how I can make them myself at a fraction of the cost. I have always been pulled towards a beachy theme and our guest bedroom and bathroom definitely reflected that.  Most recently at the Home Goods near our place on Cape Cod I had to take some pictures of some of the fun décor items which I would love to recreate at some point. Now that I am dreaming of a new house to remodel and decorate, I can’t stop looking at things like this…


Cool wreath and hanging shells.


Boat shelving.  I love this idea and I have seen all sorts of reasonably priced knock offs.  Little S has a nautical theme to his current décor and while Thomas & Friends is of course the hit of the day.  In the new house, for his “big boy” room I want to continue the nautical theme so he can still enjoy it when he transitions out of Thomas love! (Not that I see that happening at any point in the future… plus who am I to complain… anything that can keep a two year old engaged in imaginative play for hours on end is okay in my book! And the shows are pretty cute…”


Cool driftwood hanging thing — maybe as some sort of a lamp or corner décor.


I thought this fish frame was pretty cute, maybe on a slightly smaller scale.


I am in love with all kinds of white wall improvements — crown molding, board and batten, all of those Cape Cod – type looks.  I thought this sign was cute mimicking such a look with a cute phrase.


Love this and it would be reasonably easy to replicate with enough driftwood!


And a couple sailboat and driftwood options I am thinking about for Sam’s future room.


So fun to think and dream.  Now if only we could find the perfect house!


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