Sensory Games and Colored Rice

I haven’t been very good about the Montessori/Learning Activities with Little S lately.  Too much with all the packing, moving, unpacking, settling in, house hunting, etc. so I thought I would share a super easy sensory activity that I did with him a while back that he seemed to really enjoy.  And once all of our belongings arrive and we settle in to a new house; hopefully he will again, or maybe a new sibling if we ever get around to that… (no Mom, I’m not pregnant.)

So this is how simple it is… take white rice (I did about 2 cups per color as I had a giant thing of rice from Costco I was trying to use up and I had a few different plans to try out once it was made), pour into a ziplock bag…


Put in a few drops of food coloring — pick whatever colors you like — I did a rainbow variety as we were working on our colors at the time — and mush it all around. Then once it was the color I wanted I poured it into a heap in one of those tin foil cooking pans until I had all my colors…



Then I saved out some of the unmixed into separate bags for working on colors and mixed the rest up together.  We had this cute little bucket, shovel and rake that we got at some doctor’s office and which inspired me to do this little project actually.  I also stuck in some of the leftover flowers from my wreath project and Little S had a grand old time. Just a warning – can be messy if left unattended or without a playmat underneath!


Such fun! I also collect small objects from around the house and at the dollar store to put inside a bottle with additional rice for a sensory bottle.  I’m excited for Sam to see it again now that he is older as I think he will get more out of the “I Spy” action then he did 6 months ago! Ok, now I am feeling inspired again — time to figure out some fun activities for when the little man wakes up from his nap! 🙂 Have a great afternoon!



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