Imagine That! adventure

In the spirit of exploring our new area we decided to adventure off to a place called Imagine That! They were having a Mommy and Me Day and thus, there was no fee for the Mommy, just the “me” aka Little S. They were having a bunch  I figured this would be a great way to see what was around the area for us to take advantage of.  So off we went! This place was pretty cool to say the least.  Sam had a great time climbing around some different slide/castle/jungle gym type structures and they had a little plane, a fire engine and a VW bug that the kids could climb in and around as well.  This was a big hit.

I stopped by all the vendors and actually ended up winning a vendor’s raffle — so that was cool.  I also got on the list for Stroller Strides so I can think about joining that again if I feel like it.  I also found out about a lot of Montessori and Preschool programs in the area so that will be helpful since Sam is fast approaching that age.  All in all it was very fun and I got another free adult pass with kid fee as a bonus for coming so we will definitely be going back!


The littlest pilot


This is Pilot Sam to Air Traffic Control.  Ready for TAKE OFF!


Beep Beep!!

Anyone else gone to any fun children’s exploration museums or the like recently??


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