Official House Closing

Wow.  I did not realize it would be so weird to think about some other family sleeping and living in the house where we spent 6 happy years.  But today marks the true end of a chapter in our lives.  The house in Alaska officially closed today and I hope the new owners will love it there as much as we did. It is also very exciting because it leaves us open to purchase a new home here in New Jersey!

I was reflecting on a few last pictures and thinking of all the wonderful times we shared there with family and friends and I am so excited about this new chapter in our lives.  My only regret is that Sam will not remember his time there, but hopefully we will get back to visit occasionally and he will get to see all those places in person when he gets older.

It was so weird to leave the house all empty and to pack everything up.  It was quite the whirlwind and I don’t know how we would have managed without the help of some wonderful, wonderful friends. So long house!


My kitchen….




Empty living room…

But it didn’t look like this while we were in process!! Here’s a few shots of the fun of moving!


Making progress…


Big helper!


Our friend the moving van.  Next time someone else is packing and moving all our crap!


Grabbing a minute for a selfie!


Makeshift couch for sleepy boy.

So to make things easier for moving and cleaning purposes, we basically used the garage to organize everything…. one side was boxes for the moving van….


And the other was stuff to be sorted for the garage sale…


What a mess!! But once the van was loaded and we had a bit more room, we soon set up Shop Chez Apostola!


And it was pretty successful considering the time constraints.  Thankfully I had already sold all the larger items via craigslist earlier in the moving timeframe.  What a relief it was to lock the door for the last time and know everything was done.  Now we get to look forward to all the UNPACKING! Sigh. 🙂


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