The Hunt

On Saturday, we took part in what is apparently a time honored New Jersey tradition, the Far Hills Hunt or “The Hunt,” a steeplechase type horse race where companies and individuals reserve lots along the track and set up high class tailgating sections with full hosted bars, silver serving dishes with complete meals and all the trimmings. It was really an amazing event and we were so pleased that our friends included us.  It was our first steeplechase and it was a blast!


Getting ready and figuring out what to wear was the first challenge!


Then we had fun playing outside until our friends arrived.


We had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful day.



The horse races themselves were really amazing too.


After an awesome day, it was finally time to get the baby boy home so we said farewell to the fields!

DSC_0223 DSC_0211


Official House Closing

Wow.  I did not realize it would be so weird to think about some other family sleeping and living in the house where we spent 6 happy years.  But today marks the true end of a chapter in our lives.  The house in Alaska officially closed today and I hope the new owners will love it there as much as we did. It is also very exciting because it leaves us open to purchase a new home here in New Jersey!

I was reflecting on a few last pictures and thinking of all the wonderful times we shared there with family and friends and I am so excited about this new chapter in our lives.  My only regret is that Sam will not remember his time there, but hopefully we will get back to visit occasionally and he will get to see all those places in person when he gets older.

It was so weird to leave the house all empty and to pack everything up.  It was quite the whirlwind and I don’t know how we would have managed without the help of some wonderful, wonderful friends. So long house!


My kitchen….




Empty living room…

But it didn’t look like this while we were in process!! Here’s a few shots of the fun of moving!


Making progress…


Big helper!


Our friend the moving van.  Next time someone else is packing and moving all our crap!


Grabbing a minute for a selfie!


Makeshift couch for sleepy boy.

So to make things easier for moving and cleaning purposes, we basically used the garage to organize everything…. one side was boxes for the moving van….


And the other was stuff to be sorted for the garage sale…


What a mess!! But once the van was loaded and we had a bit more room, we soon set up Shop Chez Apostola!


And it was pretty successful considering the time constraints.  Thankfully I had already sold all the larger items via craigslist earlier in the moving timeframe.  What a relief it was to lock the door for the last time and know everything was done.  Now we get to look forward to all the UNPACKING! Sigh. 🙂

Learning Tower Toddler Stool Hack

I have been meaning to post this one for a while as it dates back to earlier this Spring. S LOVES to be involved with whatever I am doing and I have been crushing on this stool called the Learning Tower (not sure why it is called this) but basically it is an awesome stool that has multiple levels to grow with the child and protective bars around the top so it is less likely for the child to fall.  Everything was great about it… except the price.  We really did not want to spend an arm and a leg for something so silly, despite its usefulness. So enter the world of DIY.  I was looking online and stumbled across Ana White’s plans for making your own. I was so excited and after getting Big D on board we got to work.  We went and got all the materials which were not cheap, but we wanted really solid sturdy wood. And D got started cutting and putting together the base.



Once we got the base together, it was my turn… I painted the stool white and upholstered the pad with some foam and Thomas fabric I had lying around as I wanted it to be comfortable for S to stand on with his little bare feet.  I can always take it off when he gets a bit older if necessary.



I also had some little helpers…. And it turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!


Ready for helping! 🙂

Visit with Cousins

This weekend marked the first of many milestone reasons why we wanted to move back East.  We took a road trip to Massachusetts for the weekend and Sam got to have a wonderful day playing with his cousins, we got to celebrate the 1st birthday of sweet Myles, the son of very close friends and enjoy a wonderful dinner and conversation with a dear friend of the family.  So happy to only be a car ride away from such fun instead of across the continent!

Here’s a few photos we grabbed of the boys playing “trains” — what else?

DSC_0012 DSC_0010 DSC_0009 DSC_0004 DSC_0002 DSC_0001

Lots of fun was had by all and we are already looking forward to the next visit!

Saying Goodbye…

As we are starting to settle in to good ol’ New Jersey, I had to share the spectacular send off we had leaving Alaska.  I was so looking forward to just getting a chance to hang out with some friends and have one last night to remember… but our dear friend K knocked my socks off with an amazing surprise party.  From balloons to decorations to AMAZING cupcakes!

IMG_2721 IMG_2712

It was so much fun! Hanging out with great friends and drinking the “Classy Trashy,” a special at our favorite hang out….

IMG_2719 IMG_2714

The cupcakes really were fantastic and so cute with awesome New York themed toppers.


IMG_2718 IMG_2717IMG_2715 It meant so much and it was such a lovely memory of all of our good times in Alaska.  I’m just hoping we find just as many good times here in New Jersey.

Playground Fun!

This post is really for the grandparents…. We have been having so much fun playing at the playground almost every day, I decided I had to post a few pictures.  The playground is centrally located in town and right behind the library so after story hour or checking out some books, we usually play for 30-45 minutes and burn off that excess energy before naptime.  It really is amazing how much more confident he has gotten.  Initially he was pretty nervous about everything, but he fell in love with slides and now he runs all over the place with hardly a backward glance.


This was being the troll on the “Troll Bridge!”


So much fun to be had climbing around….


And the best for last! Wheeeeeee!

Family Apple Picking and Hayride

This weekend we were trying to meet up with a newcomers club in our little town, but somehow we missed them, but it led us to this sweet little farm where we had an absolute blast introducing Sam to his first apple picking, hay-riding, pumpkin grabbing, maze wandering, cider apple eating adventure! So much fun!! I love FALL!

First we did some apple picking…




Then on to the hayride…. but first a few photo ops!



The hayride was awesome and Little S had a HUGE kick out of it.

IMG_2860 IMG_2856 IMG_2851 IMG_2850

Then we checked out the kiddie maze…


And ended with a cider apple donut… YUM!!


An awesome way to spend a glorious Fall day!